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NJBIZ Conversations: Mama’s Creations CEO Adam Michaels

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NJBIZ Magazine’s EIC Jeffrey Kanige interviews Mama’s Creations Chairman and CEO Adam L. Michaels for the magazine’s “Conversations” series, where Adam touches on his introduction to MamaMancini’s and its niche within the wider Mama’s Creations portfolio, business performance and growth and why he thinks Mama’s Creations is well-positioned to meet consumers where they are in the grocery store and on the dining table.

Compounders Podcast: Conquering the Deli Aisle with Adam Michaels, Chairman & CEO of Mama’s Creations. Hosted by Ben Claremon

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My guest on the show today is Adam Michaels, the Chairman and CEO of Mama’s Creations, a $140 million market cap company that provides products to the deli aisle of large food retailers. Adam became CEO in 2022, after spending about 9 years at the large consumer packaging company, Mondelez. I met Adam at a recent investment conference and wanted to have him on the podcast to discuss:

  • Why he decided to take the role as CEO;
  • The playbook he has brought from Mondelez and its applicability at Mama’s;
  • Why there is such a large opportunity for the company to more deeply penetrate the deli aisle;
  • The strategy surrounding further expanding its distribution footprint; and,
  • The target financial profile of the company once it starts to hit scale.

Sequire Spotlight Presents Mama’s Creations (MAMA): Handcrafted Artistry and Culinary Delights

Host Jon Najarian interviews CEO, Adam Michaels. He tells us about all of the different Mama’s offerings, from retailers to brands.

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Benzinga’s All-Access Interview with Adam L. Michaels

Benzinga’s “All-Access” explores growth stocks and the masterminds behind them.
Featured Guests: Adam Michaels, CEO – MamaMancini’s

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Podcast: Food & Beverage Talk by Morgan & Westfielf

Beyond Meatballs and Marketing

Branding sells products and companies. Adam Michaels, CEO of MamaMancini’s, discusses brand loyalty, the multi-sensory eating experience, the influence of different cultures on the F&B industry, how the five senses can be harnessed when marketing a product, the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, and changes in consumer preferences and shopping experiences. Adam also goes beyond MamaManicini’s to discuss his experience making acquisitions in the F&B industry and his three criteria when looking to acquire a company.

Food & Beverage Talk Podcast

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Deli Market News: Adam Michaels Details MamaMancini’s Portfolio and Growth Strategy

Sights set on the 1B-dollar mark, the specialty producer expands its culinary reach and operational prowess

MamaMancini's Portfolio

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Just Food: MamaMancini’s CEO Adam Michaels sets sights on becoming billion-dollar deli supplier

… “My vision for the company is to truly become this one-stop shop deli solution,” Michaels tells Just Food, a category he puts at $25bn in the US.


“Today, there’s no market leader. We are the only publicly-traded company in the space to my best understanding. For the buyer, instead of having to call 25 or 30 different people to fill their deli case, I want to be that one-stop shop.” …

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PodBead Podcast: “Better To Ride a Trend Than Go Against It” with Adam Michaels, CEO, Mama Mancini’s

Starting worlds away from the food industry as a bioengineer at UPenn, Mama Mancini’s CEO Adam Michaels joins me today and shares how he found his true passion and purpose in food.

We dissect consumer trends in the wake of recessionary pressures. As more people choose to eat at home over eating out and choose to buy private labels over branded ones, Mama Mancini’s decision to be a one-stop shop in the deli is the right one.

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Alpha Street Interview: Macro trends behind pandemic sales will stay: MamaMancini’s CEO Adam Michaels

In an exclusive interview with AlphaStreet, Adam Michaels, who joined the company as chief executive officer a few months ago, spoke about the factors influencing the business and the roadmap for meeting long-term goals.

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The Wall Street Resource – Interview with Adam Michaels

Jeff Kone of the Wall Street Resource interviews Adam Michaels, CEO of MamaMancini’s